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COVID-19 is sending shock waves throughout the fashion supply chain. Since the outbreak began, the stress points have turned from worries about shuttered Chinese factories and delayed shipments to concerns about stalling demand around the globe. In major markets, brick-and-mortar stores are shuttered, and rising levels of unemployment as well as consumer sentiment are leading shoppers to prioritize spending on necessities.

During Sourcing Journal’s “Coronavirus Impact Series: Closures, Cancellations & a Collective Reckoning” webinar on April 2, the first in a series on COVID-19, experts shared their advice and insights on what companies should be doing now in the face of disruption and drying up cash flows.

Listen to the webinar learn more about:

  • The outlook for retailers and suppliers for the rest of 2020
  • When sales are expected to bounce back
  • Who will be the likely winners and losers
  • How COVID-19 may usher in a new business model
  • What support is coming from governments and financial institutions
  • Why fashion needs a deeper visibility into its supply chain
  • How companies can strengthen rather than dissolve their partnerships


  • Munir Mashooqullah, founder and chairman for Synergies Worldwide
  • Randal Rankin, global client development director, NA for Eurofins
  • Jose R. Suarez, founder and CEO of Impactiva
  • Edward Hertzman, founder and president of Sourcing Journal (moderator)