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The threat of additional tariffs on goods from China has been on again, off again for months but the trade war escalation along with the government shutdown illustrated how vulnerable the apparel and footwear industries are to policy changes and political upheaval. In the wake of these issues, brands and retailers have realized they need to have better plans and contingencies related to getting their goods across borders—before the next problems arise.

This webinar provides:

  • Country of origin rules and tariff engineering that could allow companies some relief from the 301 tariffs
  • Determining how to evaluate total costs to determine the true impact of potential tariffs
  • The right questions to ask when evaluating potential new sourcing and production destinations
  • The customs-related issues companies need to take a second look at now
  • The factors that could lead to increased scrutiny from Customs & Border Protection


  • Harold Grunfeld, Esq., Founding Partner, Grunfeld, Desiderio, Lebowitz, Silverman & Klestadt LLP
  • Vincent Iacopella, EVP Growth & Strategy, Alba Wheels Up International
  • Edward Hertzman, Founder & President, Sourcing Journal (moderator)