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Although COVID-19 has forced all businesses to adapt in some way, the denim industry has been on the evolution path well before the virus spread. With as many as 6 billion pairs of jeans produced annually, manufacturers must find the right combination of fashion, comfort and durability to ensure that these denim products are appealing to rapidly changing consumer trends and, more importantly, not going to waste.

During Rivet’s roundtable on June 3, speakers across fashion, manufacturing, design and academia expressed their thoughts on where the denim industry is headed in a post-COVID-19 world, why sustainability will play such a significant role and what products and technologies are being used to improve denim apparel.

As denim players continue to innovate, it also is their job to educate the consumer on what truly constitutes a “sustainable” product and where the value of a denim garment lies, especially as different jeans are sold at varying price points.

The discussion, which was sponsored by Isko, covered a variety of topics, including:

  • The efforts made to make denim products more sustainable, and the fractured state of consumer education on sustainability.
  • How the denim industry plans to establish true value through storytelling as shoppers expect promotions
  • Whether the seasonless trend is one denim should adopt and how it would affect production, marketing and sales
  • How COVID-19 has influenced the denim trends for Spring/Summer 2021
  • The “ideal” denim garment and what it is comprised of
  • The steps denim manufacturers are taking to shorten their time to market

Speakers included:

  • Dana Thomas, author of Fashionopolis: The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes
  • Selin Akman, head of design, Isko Creative Room
  • Elena Faleschini, global field marketing manager, Isko
  • Keanan Duffty, director masters in fashion management, Parsons School of Fashion
  • Jordan Nodarse, founder and creative director, Boyish Jeans
  • Edward Hertzman, president, Sourcing Journal/Rivet