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As the denim industry continues to push ahead with its sustainability ambitions, most stakeholders are implementing strategies designed to mitigate climate change. But while many practices are doing just that, few are actively reversing the problem. 

Regenerative agriculture applies centuries-old conservation and rehabilitation approaches to farming, keeping soil—and thus crops—healthy for today and tomorrow without the use of synthetic fertilizers, artificial inputs and other chemicals. Healthy soil helps draw carbon back in the ground, ultimately protecting the atmosphere from excess CO2 and changing the way to grow cotton fiber.

With these methods in place, denim manufacturers such as ORTA now have major opportunities to partner with specialized farms and brands to debut and launch exclusive collections made from regenerative cotton.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • Why more mills should source from regenerative farms to reduce carbon footprint
  • The difference between organic cotton and regenerative cotton
  • ORTA’s development of their regenerative Blueskyer collection
  • How Citizens of Humanity launched its own “farm-to-closet” regenerative cotton program
  • The key principles and practices that are consistent with successful regenerative programs 
  • Barriers and challenges to scaling regenerative cotton production
  • How to measure the impact and outcomes of such programs


  • Elevating Denim Sustainability: Maximizing Regenerative Cotton

    Dr. Sedef Uncu Aki

    Director, ORTA
  • Elevating Denim Sustainability: Maximizing Regenerative Cotton

    Amy Williams

    Chief Executive Officer, Citizens of Humanity
  • Elevating Denim Sustainability: Maximizing Regenerative Cotton

    Kish Johnson

    Director of Sales, Advancing Eco Agriculture
  • Elevating Denim Sustainability: Maximizing Regenerative Cotton

    Jasmin Malik Chua

    Sourcing and Labor Editor, Sourcing Journal (moderator)