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The apparel industry has always been rife with inventory risks, as brands constantly deal with the concerns of irrelevant merchandise, lost sales and fabric waste. And with sustainability becoming a major concern for both consumers and businesses alike as more fashion collections come to life, the stakes have only increased.

But that doesn’t mean brands today are powerless to improve their inventory positioning.

To build the right assortment, brands must leverage a full technology ecosystem, from planning to production, to understand what their shoppers really want, then deliver it efficiently. With the correct analytics and manufacturing technologies in place, your apparel brand can deliver relevant product to the right consumer, cut lead times, reduce returns and gain greater insight into industrywide trends and pricing strategies.

View this interactive webinar on demand to learn about:

  • Leveraging AI-based benchmarking to tackle production and pricing
  • Cutting garment waste and building a more sustainable business model
  • How Carhartt is leveraging data to produce a versatile assortment for its customers
  • Developing on-demand manufacturing capabilities to produce inclusive, functional merchandise
  • How to stack up against competitors on assortment mix and discounting


  • Mathieu Touchet, Business Developer, Fashion, Lectra
  • Debra Ferraro, Vice President, Global Product Development & Technical Design, Carhartt
  • Matthew Wallace, CEO, DXM
  • Edward Hertzman, President and Founder, Sourcing Journal (moderator)