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Today, the apparel market is tasked with shape shifting into an industry that can move at the speed of light, deliver on consumers’ ever increasing expectations and adapt to ongoing political turmoil.

To evolve, the status quo won’t do.

Shoppers have shown they have little interest in cookie cutter clothing that takes months to make. What they want are products that reflect their tastes, image and values.

“[Consumers] want it all: convenience, quality and value,” said Ketty Pillet, vice president of marketing for Gerber Technology. “They’re looking for a whole experience.”

Personalization, she said, could help the industry deliver both unique goods as well as much-needed agility.

Pillet said it starts by slashing the typical 42-week development cycle. To do that, brands need to leverage data and embrace speed.

This 45-minute webinar demonstrates how digitization can help fashion companies:

  • Maximize efficiency by sharing data throughout the workflow
  • Use 3D to reduce the $8 billion the industry spends on samples each year
  • Capitalize on the benefits of made-to-measure and on-demand customization

The webinar also takes an in-depth look at how the latest versions of Gerber’s YuniquePLM and Accumark 3D software provides the collaboration, efficiency and speed to meet these goals.

Panelists include:

  • Ketty Pillet, vice president of marketing, Gerber Technology
  • Mary McFadden, vice president of CAD product management, Gerber Technology
  • Clayton Parker, director of PLM product management, Gerber Technology