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A stat from a recent study from Oracle that says 1/3 of consumers will not shop a brand again if they have one bad experience. That’s a lot of pressure. And it points to the amount of choice shoppers have today.

Retailers haven’t evolved as fast as consumers, particularly in apparel and footwear. As important as it is to have the right product and prices, shoppers require a shopping experience that’s simple, easy and foolproof. Beyond free shipping and returns, the industry must adopt tools that pair goods with consumers’ specific tastes, enable them to try pieces before they buy and eliminate the need for them to even reach for their wallets. It all sounds easy in theory, but it becomes difficult in practice.

In this 45-minute webinar, Jeff Silverman, president of Steve Madden Global E-Commerce, and Justin Kerzner, president and co-founder of Naked Retail Group, will cover:

  • What consumers really want when shopping across all platforms
  • How retailers can bring some of the convenience of online shopping offline—and vice versa
  • What shoppers like about shopping in stores and how that experience can be improved
  • The role that both e-commerce and physical stores play in brand loyalty and consumer satisfaction