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Here’s an easy gamble for you: What are the chances that asking any apparel retailer about their No. 1 pain point will result in “inventory management” as the response?

It’s an easy bet for good reason. The ability to accurately predict inventory needs has been upended by e-commerce and social media, which have simultaneously kicked consumer expectations into overdrive. Pinned to a supply chain that’s unable to keep up, many retailers are relegated to inventory alignment via legacy forecasting software that’s saddled with uncertainty.

In “Omnichannel Overload,” a Sourcing Journal webinar sponsored by CGS, we dig into the fulfillment challenges currently straining brands and retailers, and demonstrate how data can help lighten the load and reposition a company toward growth.

Listen to learn:

  • How to analyze product assortments to determine what’s needed
  • How to align inventory needs with market realities
  • The role that “clean data” plays: what it is, how to use it, and the process changes required
  • The risks of digitizing today’s supply chain
  • The importance of getting the C Suite on board
  • Why AI is a must for managing fashion’s uncertainty, and why it’s head and shoulders above today’s current software solutions
  • How sustainability fits into all of this
  • The retailers that are getting it right


  • Ahmed Zaidi, co-founder and CTO, Catalyst AI
  • John Thorbeck, chairman, Chainge Capital
  • Caletha Crawford, publisher, Sourcing Journal (moderator)