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With distribution channels shifting, shipping costs skyrocketing and consumer acquisition costs so competitive today, brands and retailers need to work smarter and more efficiently. Even brands that aren’t digitally native are following the direct-to-consumer playbook to boost speed and agility from the first click to the last mile.

But DTC isn’t without its challenges, especially as low barriers to entry have commoditized product and created a glut of competition. During a Sourcing Journal webinar on September 14, experts from both manufacturing and shipping explained why a flexible supply chain can actually be a point of differentiation, while also helping surmount rising costs and logistics challenges within the cycle. Additionally, the discussion revealed how culture clashes can hinder legacy brands trying to pivot to this new paradigm. 

Sourcing Journal’s webinar, “Maximizing Margins: Making DTC a More Profitable Channel,” is now available on demand. Watch, re- watch or share the discussion, which features expert tips to uncover hidden inefficiencies, cut logistics costs and squeeze more margin out of every sale.

Listen to this webinar to learn:

  • Why more companies aren’t taking advantage of de minimis duty-free opportunities
  • How the first mile drives last-mile efficiencies
  • The ways in which production facilities are pivoting to facilitate DTC business
  • The logistics strategies that make going direct possible and profitable
  • The hidden costs of DTC sales and fulfillment
  • Why focusing on fabric inventory over garment inventory boosts agility and saves costs 


  • Vincent Iacopella, EVP Growth and Strategy, Alba Wheels Up
  • Stanley Szeto, Executive Chairman, Lever Style
  • Yossi Nasser, Principal and CEO, Gelmart International
  • Edward Hertzman, Founder and President, Sourcing Journal (moderator)