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It’s no secret that manufacturing has been down a bumpy road the past two years. Facility closures, material constraints and more have put pressure on mills to adjust and adapt. And following recent surges in cotton prices, getting every cent of value from raw fiber and maximizing margins have become all the more critical.

In the midst of the pandemic, the COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ consultancy launched to help mills emerge from the crisis with improved profitability. Knowledge is power, and COTTON USA SOLUTIONS seeks to arm mills with the information they need to make production more efficient and improve yield. Particularly, Mill Mastery™ courses led by the COTTON USA SOLUTIONS Technical Team offer a whole new level of expertise in topics such as fiber selection, profitability, ring spinning and more for all staff levels. This webinar provides a primer on the operational benefits tied to U.S. cotton use, as well as how working with COTTON USA SOLUTIONS enables mills to best leverage the material in their production.

Watch this webinar to discover:

  • Why the quality of cotton matters for driving profitability
  • The true value of U.S. cotton, including operational savings
  • What mills know—and don’t know—about U.S. cotton
  • How COTTON USA SOLUTIONS has helped Malek Spinning Mills Ltd. improve productivity and results
  • What mills can learn from COTTON USA SOLUTIONS Mill Mastery courses


  • Bruce Atherley, Executive Director, Cotton Council International
  • Joerg Bauersachs, Head of Technical Services, Cotton Council International
  • Dr. Muhammad Tausif, Technical Team Consultant, Cotton Council International
  • Azizur Chowdhury, Director, Malek Spinning Mills Ltd.
  • Peter Sadera, Editor-in-Chief, Sourcing Journal (moderator)