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The current retail environment demands a constant flow of new products—and not goods that were designed for yesterday’s consumer. The apparel that hits the racks today must satisfy the current fashion and business trends, both of which are constantly in flux.

Meeting these demands calls for faster product development and more clarity into the supply chain—two things that can’t be achieved without centralized information.

With the right technological and organizational changes, sportswear brand Mizuno USA boosted speed to market using only the company’s existing resources.

You’ll learn how Mizuno USA achieved efficiency through digitization to:

  • Slash calendars to improve speed to market
  • Maximize current staff and resources
  • Satisfy consumers by delivering the right product at the right time

Panelists include:

  • Tim Rumer, Director of Diamond Sports/Volleyball, Mizuno USA
  • Stacey Charbin, CMO, Centric Software
  • Edward Hertzman, President, Sourcing Journal