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COVID-19 has thrown countless curveballs at apparel brands, from brick-and-mortar store closures to ebbs and flows in consumer demand.

Using sustainable apparel brand Tentree as a case study, a Sourcing Journal webinar on Aug. 19 delved into how brands can set themselves up to more quickly adapt to market changes.

Even before the pandemic, Tentree was already undergoing an evolution from a predominantly wholesale retail strategy to a more direct-to-consumer model. But during the crisis, this shift toward e-commerce escalated as the label reallocated canceled wholesale merchandise to its brand-operated digital channels, coinciding with a 130 percent growth in online sales volume.

Technology can help companies unlock a nimbler way of operating by offering better visibility into inventory levels, factory capacity and financial health. With uncertainty surrounding how future fashion seasons will play out, being able to adjust rapidly could mean the difference between capitalizing on a digital surge or new product category or being left behind. That’s especially true for environmentally responsible brands. Craig Harris, industry principal – apparel, fashion and accessories at Oracle NetSuite, shares how these companies can live up to their claims, pulling from principles found in materials shared during the webinar, Building a Culture of Sustainability and The Role of ERP in Sustainability.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How Tentree pivoted from a tree planting business to an apparel brand
  • Why the brand is focusing its product assortment on depth instead of breadth
  • How Tentree is balancing environmental and social responsibility with its business’ financial needs
  • What the brand is doing to forge stronger direct relationships with its customers
  • The role that an ERP can play in authenticating sustainability claims
  • How Tentree has used collaborative technology platforms for added visibility and flexibility


  • Craig Harris, industry principal – apparel, fashion and accessories at Oracle NetSuite
  • Derrick Emsley, CEO of Tentree
  • Edward Hertzman, founder and president of Sourcing Journal (moderator)