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As part of the fashion business’ path to a more sustainable supply chain, a growing number of companies are adopting Science Based Targets and using the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as a guide toward establishing a standardized benchmark for their efforts. But for firms that are just getting started, it can be difficult to discern how best to measure sustainable progress.

With a total 17 SDGs, it can be overwhelming to pick the areas of focus that will have the most effect. Sourcing Journal’s “Strategies, Struggles & Strides: Building a More Responsible Apparel Industry” webinar on April 7 used insights from Lenzing’s 2019 sustainability report, Stand Up Against Business as Usual, as a case study illustrating how the cellulose fiber maker prioritizes and makes sustainable commitments.

As the discussion revealed, when companies are considering their corporate responsibility, they should be looking at the entire value chain and lifecycle of a product, rather than just the impact of their areas of operation. The challenge is that expanding oversight to the footprint of suppliers and players further downstream requires collaboration and conversations. But with buy-in from partners, fashion companies can drive more sustainable innovation and impact.

Listen to the webinar to learn:

  • How companies can decide where to start with SDGs
  • Why sustainable decision-making needs to consider more than the environment
  • How Lenzing chose which SDGs to focus on
  • The definition of circularity in fashion
  • What needs to happen to reduce fashion’s use of virgin resources
  • The cost of getting an SBT approved
  • How COVID-19 could impact sustainable development


  • Krishna Manda, senior manager of sustainability integration at Lenzing
  • Michael Sadowski, research consultant at World Resources Institute
  • Edward Hertzman, president of Sourcing Journal Media (moderator)

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