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Is the decades-old promise on nearshoring finally coming to fruition? The latest import data to the U.S. has shown an impressive spike from several countries south of the border, offering skilled labor, contiguous overland freight routes, speed-to-market advantages and tariff savings. It’s also true that retailers with diversified sourcing fared better during the pandemic, and indeed 2021 vs 2020 apparel export growth rates from key Central American countries outpaced those from major Asian exporters. But is shifting to nearshoring a stop-gap measure or a long-term strategy? 

Nearshoring needn’t to be an all-or-nothing proposition in your sourcing matrix, and it can add diversification, agility and visibility for compliance and other issues—as long as it’s looked at holistically and not only through the lens of price. Countries in the Americas offer unique propositions to brands and retailers, but these are often confused by misconceptions. Do you know how to separate the myth from the reality? 

This webinar points out the hot spots and opportunities while also examining the benefits—both legal and logistic—of sourcing close to home. 

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How to build a hybrid model that balances nearshoring with ongoing overseas production.
  • The latest government and company investments and initiatives in the region
  • The true cost analysis of swapping less expensive overseas labor for production closer to home
  • What Latin American countries will surprise you with their capabilities and niches
  • Netsuite’s macro perspective on nearshoring from its diverse group of brand and retail clients.


  • Peter Bouyounan, Principal Industry Solution Advisor Manufacturing, Oracle
  • Kimberly Glas, President and CEO, National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO)
  • Scott Lercel, VP of Global Sourcing, Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Edward Hertzman, President and Founder, Sourcing Journal (moderator)